Monday, May 09, 2011

Google I/O: watch and ask questions in real time

By Mike Pegg, Google I/O Team

As we set out to plan Google I/O this year we looked for new ways of letting people experience the event online. I/O Live will give you the chance to watch two full days of sessions live online from the Android and Chrome keynotes, product tracks and even performances from our After Hours party.

As you’re watching online, we will also be giving you the chance to ask our product teams questions in real-time. For all of our livestreamed and Fireside Chat sessions we’re inviting you to post questions on Google Moderator. Our teams will answer them during the live Q&A portion of the sessions. Please follow the links below to start posting and voting up questions you want to be asked.

Android Sessions:

Chrome Sessions:

Fireside Chat Sessions:
(not live streamed, recording posted by 5/13)

Mike has spoken at and helped to organize every Google I/O and Developer Day event since 2006. His username is mpegg, while his brother John holds down jpegg.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor


  1. HTML5 question: Is new Google Panda algorithm set up to be looking (and liking) HTML5 compared to just standard html?

  2. VUPEN has just pwned Google Chrome :(

    Was the vulnerability something known but wasn't patched yet? Or is it something new that we should thank VUPEN for.

  3. Was just about to ask about VUPEN pwnership of Chrome and future plans on investigating/patching the vulnerability, but ddominator beat me to it. So, is it going to be discussed with VUPEN and addressed?

  4. Geo Question : When will google announce the Places API.

    Will google release Places API at Google I/O 2011.

    And when the Places API key is available to the developers.

  5. Android question: What's the next update for (phones or tablets) and when is it coming out, any word on the new features?


  6. When is the Samsung Galaxy S2 coming out in Canada?

  7. social network: how about a social network with all the features needed? hundreds of millions are waiting for it.

  8. The live stream is not working for me -- YouTube simply says the clip is not available. I'm in Sweden if it makes a difference. Very frustrating. :( Any ideas?

  9. You have mentioned icecream, unifying the OS. What exactly is "unifying" by definition mean in this regard to the end users. Are you implying that 1 OS will run on all current versions of Android? ie; will all current handhelds (past/present) be running one version of Android? Is this already documented? If so, can you give a link to this information. - Thanks.

  10. @RobertB: Sorry about the issue in Sweden. It should be fixed now. And videos will be posted for anything you missed.

  11. Note link in android appear contain nothing