Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chicagoist Interview with the Google/Chicago Engineers

In case you're curious about some of the folks behind Google Summer of Code and project hosting, Chicagoist just posted an entertaining interview with our three Chicago-based engineers; here's a snippet:
Chicagoist: We had no idea that Google had a Chicago office. What does this part of the Google empire do out here in the Midwest?

Brian Fitzpatrick: You are in good company because most of the world and Google has no idea that there's a Chicago office. This office is mostly salespeople who sell Google ads to Fortune 1000 companies. The three of us are just an engineering enclave off in the corner.

Jon Trowbridge: We're the guys who didn't want to move to California, basically.

Ben Collins-Sussman: Because of the team we're on, they're tolerant of us working here. It's not a general thing that happens with Google. Usually when you get hired, you're expected to move to an engineering office. The big offices are in California or New York.

(photo credit: David Reid)

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