Friday, January 25, 2008

Compiere: Building a GWT interface for opensource ERP

The Compiere team is trying to make ERP easier. I had a chance to catch up with Gary Wu, Di Zhao and Chris Sprague of the Compiere engineering team. We talked about their recently shipped open source ERP solution that now includes a GWT-based rich internet interface.

Using GWT was natural for the developers and allowed them to create a highly productive web experience for Compiere users in just a few months of effort. Listen to the Compiere developers discuss their experiences with GWT and see a demo of the new Compiere Web user interface.


  1. They only include the web interface with the "Pro" edition. Not included with open source which is generally quite useless and only for PR purposes (like this blog mention)

  2. I agree Chris. They are a closed source product faking it as an open source product. I think they should just go proprietary so people looking for a open source ERP solution don't have to waste their time evaluating it.

  3. Hi Chris and Wilter,

    You are correct that the Compiere web user interface is part of Compiere Professional Edition which has a subscription fee.

  4. Thanks for a quick review. I will definitely not spend time evaluating their opensource product.

  5. i want to know is it possible to integrate Compiere 3.2 WEBUI with eclipse...using any server ?
    i am having the licensed version of compiere....

    thanks ...