Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An OpenSocial Foundation

Today we are pleased to announce that Google is joining together with Yahoo! and MySpace in the creation of a non-profit foundation for the open and transparent governance of the OpenSocial specifications and intellectual property. This foundation, modeled after the community-led and industry-supported OpenID Foundation, will seek to ensure that the technology behind OpenSocial remains implementable by all, freely and without restriction, in perpetuity. The establishment of the foundation is a necessary and exciting next step toward an open model for application syndication via an increasingly socially-enabled Internet, and we invite and encourage your involvement as we complete this process over the next several months.

Additionally we are pleased to be a part of the launch of opensocial.org, the new official home for the OpenSocial specifications and developer community. While we are still in the early stages of putting the new site together, we wanted to open the site and the process immediately for community feedback and review.

So please join us, Yahoo!, MySpace, and all of the other OpenSocial containers and application providers, in extending a warm welcome to the community in a spirit of collaboration and rapid iteration, as we move forward with the establishment of the OpenSocial Foundation and look ahead to the continued growth of the social web.


  1. A shame to see Google in with Yahoo. Can't forgive them for dobbing in that Chinese dissident. Some global social responsibility should be expected from these money machines.

    Anyway, is this simply an attempt to marginalise FaceBook? Aren't they the biggie here? Their REST API sure makes them look good.

  2. I think is a great step up, and that some of the bigger companys joins in (still lacks a few), but what about OAuth? Am I completely wrong here, but isn't this the same thing?

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  4. Facebook should be a part of this too, But this is a great effort nonetheless. Cheers to Google and Yahoo!