Monday, April 21, 2008

Google Developer Days 2008: expanding to thirteen locations

Google Developer Days 2008, a set of one-day developer events, are back and will take place in locations around the world. We've designed these events for developers with strong coding backgrounds, so that we can discuss our APIs, developer tools and applications.

We'll host Google Developer Day in these locations:
  • Yokohama, Japan (June 10)
  • Beijing, China (June 12)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (June 14)
  • Sydney, Australia (June 18)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (June 23)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (June 27)
  • London, UK (Sept 16)
  • Paris, France (Sept 18)
  • Munich, Germany (Sept 23)
  • Madrid, Spain (Sept 25)
  • Milan, Italy (Oct 21)
  • Prague, Czech (Oct 23)
  • Moscow, Russia (Oct 28)
If you're based in the US, we encourage you to come to Google I/O, on May 28-29 in San Francisco.

At Google Developer Day, our engineers will share their inside knowledge on our developer tools and APIs, including Android, OpenSocial, and AppEngine. In many locations we'll do deep dives into code and conduct hands-on codelabs.

We've posted detailed information for our early dates and will be adding more information for other locations soon. If you're a developer, we encourage you to sign-up for a Google Developer Day at a nearby location. Hope to see you there.

Update: Corrected the September 23rd event location from Hamburg, Germany to Munich, Germany.


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  2. No Google Developer Day in Manila?

  3. I'll be very happy to see one of than watching it through YouTube. Sad, that nothing is happened near by me (Estonia) Maybe in Latvia or Finland.
    My Question is:
    Events that will be in Autumn - are they will be different? I mean if I get to only one of them, do I miss something new and different (that will be on other events?)

  4. So sad, no Google developer day in Asean...

  5. where do i register for google developer day in Mexico City?

  6. GDD in India? Sad...
    You could have hosted one here too. We have been waiting for one.

  7. South Africa...
    Anywhere in Africa...

    Poor form Google, we're good enough for to sell advertising to but not recognised for development.

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  9. again... no Google Developer Day in Argentina,..., I hope one day we can be part of the development comunity...