Wednesday, April 16, 2008

新增!Novo! Новинка! ¡Nuevo! 新しい!

Developers speak lots of languages, not just English and C++. We know that you use Google Code from all over the world, and we understand that the love of a good API is universal.

We're excited to announce that developer content on Google Code is now available in five new languages: Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Many of our pages, such as the site directory and landing pages for the various APIs have already been translated. You will also find that some of the deeper technical documentation, such as the Chart API and Maps API, has also been translated where appropriate. Where we haven't translated the content yet, you will continue to see the English version of the site.

We'll be working to keeping this content up-to-date, and we're looking forward to adding more support for languages and APIs throughout the year.

Update: Corrected to read "in five new languages." The sixth language, of course, is English.


  1. Wow! It's big Pleasure to see that something more in my language (Rus) is appears! thank you very much!

  2. Just a correction:

    Chinese + Japanese + Portuguese + Russian + Spanish = 5, not 6.

    Even after 10+ years reading in English (my native language is Portuguese, i'm brazilian), it's always good to know that there's a portuguese version of good tools, like Google Code; certainly, Portuguese(and all [insert one language from the first paragraph here])-only speakers have won a precious tool.

    So, thank you, Google Code now speaks my language :)

  3. How about to code Google Code in artificial language like Esperanto?

  4. I am not sure why, but this article keeps reloading on my news reader (I use RSSOwl), sometimes with the foreign chars properly formatted and others with ???? instead of them.

    Any hints on why?