Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google Maps API for Flash

We just released the Google Maps API for Flash, which gives developers access to Google Maps from Flash/Flex apps using ActionScript. For more details, check out the Google Maps API blog, and as always, let us know what you think.


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  2. Thank you for work!

    Google Maps API for Silverlight.. :)
    Will it be possible?

  3. I think the web needs to be documented and I really wish you and your team best of luck for this project.

    I can understand its just the start and one can expect some bugs etc. I would like to request those who "criticize" to correct the mistakes they found and help in building the document.

  4. That is great but to compile with flash and not with flex we will compile swc with flash cs3 too. Actualy, it doesn't compile with flash cs3.

  5. Which level of flash plugin will be required? Will it work in flash lite?

  6. It does not work the functions of Drag and Exchange type of map when it is placed within Google Maps using MODULE

    See the example not using MODULE

    Now the same example using MODULE

    See the DRAG on the map does not work or the exchange of kind of map for Satellite or Hybrid