Monday, November 17, 2008

Google Developer Days 2008 have come to an end

We've concluded Google Developer Days 2008, a set of one-day developer events. They started in Yokohama, Japan on June 10 and ended in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 2. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about products such as Android, Chrome, OpenSocial, and App Engine and interacted with Google developers in hands-on code labs.

We posted the presentations and photos; hopefully they'll continue to be a useful resource for you. Thanks for making these such great events!


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  3. Great work people. Please dont forget Africa - Nairobi, Kenya to be specific! :)

  4. Too bad they did not include Philippines in the event, but sure did at the DevFest!

    Looking forward for more Google Actions here in the Phils.

  5. Heartly Congratulations Google on ur 2008 accomplishments :) Hi5!!

    Wishing you an Happy New Year & Merry Christmas !!

    I wish when u again visit INDIA for Google Developer Day .. I May get lucky enough[coudnt get this year{ seats were full :( }] 2 join u.

  6. A Big congrats for Google Day Celebration.Google you have contributed alot to every one.

    Congratulations to all the google staff.
    Happy New year 2009.
    Welcome to India again.

  7. Hello to Jens Trapp! I was on Moscow GDD'08. Since this event I decided to deeply delve into goog-dev.