Friday, February 06, 2009

Staying up to date with Google Code

As the number of developers and projects have grown on Google Code, we've started thinking about how to get projects to learn from and work with each other. Today, we're happy to announce that we have made a few steps towards that goal.

First, we've added user update streams to make it easy to see what a particular user has been doing across Project hosting on Google Code. As an example, take a look at Ben Collins-Sussman's activities on his profile page. Ben works on Google Code, but it's obvious that he has other interests as well.

In addition, tracking open source projects and other developers is as easy as starring a project or a developer profile. Starring a project or developer adds a link in your new "Starred Projects" and "Starred Developers" section of your profile page, making it really easy to find those projects or developers again. Starred projects are also added to the new "My projects" drop-down, which makes it easy to navigate to a project from anywhere on the site.

Once a project or a developer is starred, all updates from starred projects and developers can be tracked by looking at your personalized updates.
For those that prefer to use their feed reader, use the following new feeds:
  • Updates for a user -{username}/updates/user/basic
  • Developers a user is tracking -{username}/updates/projects/basic
  • Projects a user is tracking -{username}/updates/developers/basic
As always, we look forward to your feedback.


  1. Please implement a feature that shows the latest added projects. Just about every other software listing or hosting site (sourceforge, freshmeat, github, etc.) has this feature. Subscribing to an RSS feed of the newest projects would be ideal.

  2. But you know the problem with that, targ?
    You will find a lot of projects which are just named and empty. Visiting them will make you depressed as not to come back and check again.

  3. Well, disclaimer: I am not from Google, the above was just my personal opinion.

  4. A new and (almost) empty project is an opportunity to join at its inception, a chance to do great things.

  5. When will Git be available?

  6. Very good news.
    Would be nice to have a gadget for bloggers with some graphic statistics about commits... something like a time line a bar for each month.

  7. You can use for that fabio, however it would be nice to see some in project graph. Also I support the suggestion by targ, I would like to browse some other projects, witch are new, but active.

  8. Is it my imagination or did this just break? Very much not working as of now.