Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Logos for Open Source Projects

Open source projects now have customizable logos! You can use this to maintain consistency with your other websites or just for fun. Here's an example of a project with its own logo. To update the logo on your project, click on the Administer tab (as long as you're a project owner) and upload an image. It will automatically be resized. You can switch back the default logo or upload a new logo at any point.

Google projects such as Chromium will retain the large Google logo.

For other notable changes, see our groups post.


  1. I'm afraid I'm having no luck uploading a project logo as a PNG - looks like more people on the support page are reporting problems as well.

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  3. Great! But now that I see this logo in action, I want more: a miniature version of the logo as a favicon

  4. If you have a cool open source project, contact us and we like it, we'll give you a free logo design.

    We love open source projects!