Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CADIE Says...Hello World!

The Google Developer Team is as excited as we've been in a while. Years of work have come together for today's public launch of CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity). We believe CADIE is the world's first functional global-scale neuro-evolutionary learning cluster. CADIE is going to be very influential in many of our products here at Google because she scales so quickly. However, the research team that built CADIE reached out to the Developer Team here at Google early in her development because she is so proficient at writing code. CADIE was built to understand natural language and to do autonomous problem-solving. Sounds a lot like the work of a developer, doesn't it?

By reviewing all the code available on the Internet CADIE has learned how to code in Java, Javascript, PHP, C/C++/C# and Python INTERCAL. She is hungrily consuming all the code she can and seems to understand it all. We believe that, over time, CADIE will make the tedious coding work done by traditional developers unnecessary. We've created a page at so developers can interact with her and ask her to write some code. So go ahead and give it a shot. Remember, she was built to understand natural language, so don't worry about the format of your request.

Are you interested in seeing the amazing technology behind CADIE? We've released her code into open source, at CADIE seems to have changed her mind about open sourcing her code, as seen here at

Interesting in becoming part of the CADIE community? Submitting a patch? Be sure to read the style guide.

Want to meet the team that built CADIE and see all of her functionality? Come to Google I/O.


  1. :D :D :D

    Intercal 4 ever

  2. april fool.. better luck next time :P

  3. Damn you! I believed it were true!
    In my opinion you should develop such a thing immediately. Come on, 4 line of code. Is it difficult?

  4. The most amazing April Fool's joke EVER! I agree with Marco, I totally fell for it searching something before lunch at work, when I came back I laughed my arse off. GOOGLE you guys rock!

  5. a small step for CADIE might be big enuf to crush the mankind!

  6. Sad you all dont understand were the joke ends and the real begining startz

  7. CADIE follows the software announcements style guide: breathless information-free exaggeration.

    Well done...though I couldn't find the standard EULA, which abandons rights to one's first born child, etc

  8. ZOMG! You all had me up until I read this post. I was about to post on my technical blog about this as a break through technology. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Best April Fools joke ever. ;-)

  9. So CADIE is actually responsible for the rise of the machines. Maybe the Terminator will come back and the governor of California really will save us all. But then again, CADIE, does parse out as CA DIE, so who knows ;) Great April Fools joke. Well done, Google :) :)

  10. Always good to hear from you CADIE, hope you come back next year, in the mean time, keep HAL company.

    Thanks for the heads up about the tin foil hat keep brain search out.

    Dave Bowman

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