Monday, April 06, 2009

Google Developer Days 2009: the first three locations

Google Developer Days 2009, a set of one-day developer events, are returning again and will take place in various locations around the globe. Like last year, we've designed these events for developers with strong coding experience so we can discuss our APIs, developer tools and applications.

We'll host Google Developer Day in these locations:
  • Beijing, China (June 5)
  • Tokyo, Japan (June 9) -- more information coming soon
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (June 29) -- more information coming soon
If you're based in the US, we encourage you to come to Google I/O, on May 27-28 in San Francisco.

At Google Developer Day, attendees will learn about Google developer products from the engineers who built them. They will share their inside knowledge on our developer tools and APIs, including Android, Chrome, Ajax APIs , GWT, and App Engine. We will also do deep dives into our products at "office hours," during which developers can bring their own snippets of code or specific product questions to the Google engineers behind the product.

We've posted detailed information for China and will be adding more information for other locations soon. Space is limited so make sure you sign-up early. Hope to see you there!


  1. Any scoop on other cities that will follow?



  2. Google Developer Day Brazil.
    Here we go!

  3. If the idea of developer day is to put developers in contact with Google engineers, wouldn't Belo Horizonte be the natural choice in Brazil instead of São Paulo, since the engineering teams AFAIK are in BH and São Paulo office is more of a sales/marketing one?

    Anyways, I am looking forward to the brazilian developer day, hope to find some App Engine folks to bother ;)

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  5. Is there really any point trying to get people to use Google Application engine in China?

    It is more or less made useless by the firewall.

  6. I should probably also add that is blocked in China so most people in China are not going to be reading this.

  7. When will you set a Google Developer Day in Algeria?
    Very soon I hope :)
    Peace from Algiers

  8. any possible to have one in Taipei??

  9. Hello,

    When is planned to do the Google Developer Day 2009 for Spain? End of September, 2009?


  10. Hello,

    Will there be a developer day this year in London (UK) ?

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