Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chrome Experiments at Google I/O

Google I/O is well underway, and we're excited that we've been able to highlight some Chrome Experiments at the event. During the keynote on Wednesday, we opened with the following video. Matt Waddell from our Developer team composed the music playing in the background. We're posting a subtitled version of the video, so you can enjoy the song in all it's HTML5 glory.

We've loved the experiments we've received so far and encourage you to check out the ones listed below:
We're continually updating Chrome Experiments to feature new and crazy JavaScript experiments, so keep submitting!


  1. Really crazy yet fantastic experiments, and the song rocks!

    keep it up Google!

    Kaboom. Mostly a test of the number of objects I can smoothly handle.

  3. Innovative, amazing, cutting edge. This is the reason I want to study computer science with a concentration in Web Design. To be a part of the amazing web Renaissance.

  4. > To be a part of the amazing web Renaissance.

    Please, PLEASE stop this "renaissance". html is hyper text markup language. Not hyper text multimedia language! No one needs this. When you study you will understand this.

  5. Unnahbar relax and have a little fun.

    The web shouldn't be stuck in 1995 - let's put some life in it.

  6. I featured TWICE in that video! :)

    First at 2:52 (the kaleidoscope effect) and at very end with the starfield they used to add Google I/O logo :)