Thursday, May 06, 2010

Get ready to wave at Google I/O

Since unveiling Google Wave at I/O last year, we've seen a number of conferences (even entirely virtual ones) use Google Wave to facilitate discussions, note-taking, and conversations amongst the attendees. We want to bring this experience to Google I/O as well, so we've coded up some nifty robots and gadgets using the Google Wave APIs, and used those to generate interactive waves for each session. Attendees will be able "live wave:" view live notes, ask questions via a Google Moderator gadget, and discuss content. For more details, check out the screencast below and read the Google Wave at I/O overview.

If you are new to Google Wave, you can start by reading the Getting Started Guide and watching our video tutorials. For those of you who don't yet have a Google Wave account, please request an invitation to Google Wave.

Happy Waving and see you at Google I/O!


  1. I'm Loving My Google more and more each day...........!!! :)*** Thank you!!!!!!........*

  2. Thanks for the video. The 'follow' is a great feature to stay up-to-date with any Waves you're participating in. Looking forward to Google IO.

  3. Would it be available in read-only mode to regular people not attending Google I/O?

  4. Love the idea. I'm looking forward t this.