Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beyond the SOAP Search API

Post by Mark Lucovsky, Software Engineer

On December 5th, we stopped accepting new sign-ups for the Google SOAP Search API. This change does not impact current users of the SOAP Search API -- you can continue to execute queries, and we have no plans to turn off the service in the future.

While the product was Google's first API and inspired a lot of Google's current developer products, we are no longer devoting resources to increase the capacity of the service, instead focusing our efforts on the AJAX Search API. While the AJAX Search API does not provide server-side access to search results, it has a number of more powerful features, including access to Video, Maps, Blog Search, and News search results.


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  2. This is NOT cool for us marketers and SEO's trying to get insight and improvements into Google's page rankings!

  3. I dunno what this post is about but if it’s bad for marketers and their intellectually ill ilk, that’s great news for reasonable human beings!

  4. i don't know if its good or bad, but i needed it for an authors ranking i'm doing in my wiki... now i'm lost

  5. I received a letter from Google stating that 31 August 2009 will be the last day for the SOAP API.

    Unfortunately, the AJAX API has never been enhanced to include the functionality of the SOAP API.

  6. Have anyone tried to use the API lately ? they turned off the service or something? I was using the API in my thesis porject (during the last two years) and definitely the AJAX API do not do the same.

    Please let me know any news about it, or any contact details to write Google engineers about my problem.

  7. the problem that i found was the option "Did you mean" this new AJAX Search API don't return information of "Did you mean" at JSON.

    i was trying to do this at one project and could get this done,I don't wanna move my application to yahoo, they are providing this, but they are under bing, so i don't wanna use that.

    The Google are planning to give JSON information of "Did you mean"?