Tuesday, December 16, 2008

App Engine's System Status Dashboard

We recently announced a System Status Dashboard for Google App Engine. As developers depend on App Engine for important applications, we wanted to provide more visibility into App Engine's availability and performance.

Application development today is pretty different than it was just a few years ago. Most web apps now make use of hosted third-party services for features like search, maps, video, or translation (e.g., our AJAX APIs). These services mean developers don't have to invest in massive computing resources to build these features themselves, and can instead focus on what is exciting and new about their apps.

Building in dependencies to third-party services or moving to a new hosting infrastructure is not something developers take lightly. This new App Engine dashboard provides some of the same monitoring data that we use internally, so you can make informed decisions about your hosting infrastructure.

Learn more (about this and other recent announcements) in the App Engine blog and please let us know what you think.


  1. Exciting news Tom. I'm happy to see that your team was proactive in making this happen before a revolt by your customers forced you to (as many other SaaS providers were).

    To add to your point that "most web apps now make use of hosted third-party services", developers and businesses will require this kind of transparency in their outsourced infrastructure more and move over time. With the benefits of cloud computing and SaaS services, the loss of control is often times the hardest thing to swallow. The more transparency and trust that services like yours can provide out of the box, the easier it will be for businesses to move into the cloud.

    Nice job with the dashboard. I'm looking forward to the response to it across the interweb.

  2. Should be a good candidate for Google Gadget I would think.

    BR, Stefan

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