Thursday, March 05, 2009

Code Conversations Episode 1 - Chris DiBona on Google's Open Source Programs

"Code Conversations" is a new series of videos intended to film casual conversations with notable Google developers and legends in the technology field. No agenda, no topic... just thoughts. This video is the first episode of this series, in which Chris DiBona, our intrepid open source programs manager talks to Stephanie Liu of the Developer Team about his "sweet goatee" in the Chrome Comic. He also explains why Google open sourced Chrome and Android and why we didn't do it sooner. He also touches on why much of Google's software isn't open sourced.


Chris DiBona is the open source programs manager at Google, where his team oversees license compliance and supports the open source developer community through the release of open source software projects and programs such as the Google Summer of Code. Before joining Google, Chris was an editor at Slashdot, has edited the books Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution and Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution and formerly co-hosted the FLOSS weekly with Leo Laporte. His personal blog is called Ego Food.

Stephanie Liu is a Programs Manager on the Developer Team here at Google.

We'll be checking your comments on this post for feedback and ideas for future Code Conversations.


  1. "You Know..."

  2. thank you people for the captions, they are very helpfull for non english speakers like me ;)

    nice conversation by the way

  3. When or will Chrome be out for OS X? When will the Google database and Chrome start to request user metadata? - or will they at all?

    I would love to see a back a page happy and a back a page sad button. Could google grab that info back from the http object when a user returns to the google query result?

  4. Some of the subtitles are incorrect. Corrections:
    "Linux Chrome" -> "Linux Kernel"
    "Hadu" -> "Hadoop"