Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visualizing Your Cloud’s Data

This post is part of the Who's @ Google I/O, a series of blog posts that give a closer look at developers who'll be speaking or demoing at Google I/O. Today's post is a guest post written by Jesse Lorenz from Salesforce.com.

Many companies are storing their data in the cloud, and they are looking for ways to gain insight to this data. The Google Visualization API is a great way to do just that, which is why salesforce.com has built a set of Google Visualization components for Force.com. These components enable Force.com customers and partners to quickly embed sophisticated reporting and analysis functionality in to their Force.com applications. You can even use the Annotated Time Line visualization to visualize your sales progress:

The Google Visualization component project is one of the most popular projects on developer.force.com/codeshare. Force.com partners have already begun to leverage the components to build new business intelligence apps so that Force.com users can quickly generate reports and dashboards that provide them with new insight to their data.

If you’d like to learn more about embedding Google Visualizations into your Force.com applications, this tutorial is the best place to start. It contains a walk-through of how to get started as well as links to sample code for all of the supported components. The project is open source and everyone is encouraged to contribute!

Salesforce.com will be co-presenting a session at Google I/O that will discuss how to embed the power of the Google Visualization API in Force.com business applications, and how to turn a Force.com application in to a Google Visualization data source. We hope to see you there! To learn more about developing applications on Force.com, go to developer.force.com.


  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction for being able to change the look of the information callout box in maps? I have seen an example of the callout with multiple tabs enabling the user to include a lot of information about the marked location by subject...you would click on one of the tabs for certain informatin. I would love to duplicate that feature but have limited knowledge of Google Maps - and none of programming so hopefully it is an easily accessible feature. Thanks.

  2. Really impressive toolkit from Google. Excellent pack for developers, very easy to use. Thanks

  3. Can anyone help me out for integrating Salesforce to Blackberry!!!