Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google Technology User Groups

My favorite part about Google I/O is the dozens of interesting conversations with developers -- getting a first-hand look at the different things that they are doing with our technologies. That's the spirit of the Google Technology User Groups -- regular meetups where local developers can get together to network and discuss, demo, and hack on Google's many developer offerings.

From lightning talks in Mountain View, to App Engine hackathons in Tokyo, to lectures in Berlin, the GTUGs are a great place to meet fellow developers and learn (or teach) something new.

At Google I/O, there were many folks eager to bring the spirit of the conference back to their hometowns by starting up GTUGs of their own. Since the conference ended, our list of current GTUGs has grown to include this 'baby boomer' generation of chapters. The following are all new groups looking for members and starting to set up their first events.

If there's one near you, check it out! Let the organizers know you're interested; suggest topics for discussion and even offer to do a talk about your own experiences.


Paris GTUG -
Hamburg GTUG -
GTUG Munich -
Istanbul GTUG -
Polish GTUG -

North America

Tri-Valley California GTUG -
Berkeley GTUG -
San Diego GTUG -
New Jersey GTUG -
Philly/Delaware GTUG -
Boston GTUG -
Denver GTUG -
Twin Cities GTUG -
Austin GTUG -
Michigan GTUG -
Utah GTUG -
Laguna GTUG -
Quebec GTUG -

South America
Chile GTUG -
Argentina GTUG -

Kuala Lumpur GTUG -
Hyderabad GTUG -

Also a big shout-out to our existing chapters:

Silicon Valley GTUG - (watch the organizers, Kevin and Van, talk about GTUGs at Google I/O)
Pune GTUG -
Chico GTUG
Berlin GTUG -
Tokyo GTUG -

View GTUGs in a larger map

Don't see a chapter near you? Start one! Join our GTUG managers mailing list. Other info at


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  2. A bit sad that London isn't in the list.

  3. again where London guys???

  4. Or Australia, especially when you consider Google Wave was invented here.

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