Friday, October 16, 2009

Issue Tracker Data API for Project Hosting

I'm excited to announce the Issue Tracker Data API for Project Hosting on Google Code! The Issue Tracker Data API is a Google Data API that you can use to programmatically add new issues, make changes to existing issues, or simply access issues for your open source project.

This means that the issue tracker data for your open source code is now liberated!

To get started with the API, please refer to the following documentation:
If you find yourself digging into the API and creating something useful that others can use, please let us know and we'll be sure to add it to our documentation. As always, your feedback is also welcome.

The team would also like to thank Joe LaPenna, who contributed the Python client for the Issue Tracker Data API in his 20% time.

Update: Net::Google::Code now supports the Issue Tracker Data API


  1. Any way to get project meta-data like

    #Predefined status values
    #Open Issue Status Values:
    #Closed Issue Status Values:
    #If an issue's status is being set to one of these values, offer to merge issues:

    #Predefined issue labels
    #Each issue may have at most one label with each of these prefixes:

  2. Great! Now you can get offline copy of all issues and manage them directly from Visual Studio using Versioned Artifacts.

    There is a sample import script available at

  3. Great. Next step: liberate the google code Downloads, so I can manage my releases.

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  5. Anuradha you can track your request by following the following issue:

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to extract the issues of a project on Google Code using the Issue Tracker API.
    But the result I get from the get_issues() does not contain more than the first 25 issues... What could be the problem?