Monday, October 05, 2009


Today, we're happy to share some updates on with you.

We launched in June, to give web developers access to tools and resources that help them improve the performance of their applications. Since then, the developer community provided us with plenty of suggestions on how to improve our site. Based on your feedback, we made the following improvements:
  • We added new content: 
    • Four new best practice articles on topics such as optimizing JavaScript
    • Two new tech talks on new developer tools
    • A blog gadget that aggregates performance related posts from Google blogs.
  • We improved the layout to make navigation between different tutorials, tech talks and tools smoother.

Just as making the web faster is an ongoing process, we plan to continue updating and enhancing with more resources. Currently, we are focusing on increasing community involvement, such as adding more tutorials and tech talks from non-Google authors. So, as a first step, if you have recently written an interesting article on web performance, please let us know by filling in this form. Our team will evaluate all entries and may contact you for potential next steps.

Together, let's make the web faster!

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