Thursday, February 11, 2010

Announcing Google Chart Tools

A good chart can tell a story, such as depicting when you get home on Saturday night by plotting your tweet patterns along the week.
A good chart can take an elusive concept and clarify it in a visually appealing manner. This ingenious XKCD strip uses a pie chart, a bar chart and a recursive scatter plot, to demonstrate the concept of self description.

Whether you need a simple line chart, an interactive Geo Map or a complex Motion Chart , Google can help you add live charts to your web page using our Chart and Visualization APIs. Both of these APIs are free and simple to use, however they each have distinct advantages:

1. The Chart API provides Image Charts which are rendered by a Google chart server in response to a simple URL request. Image Charts are fast to render and can be easily emailed and printed. In addition to the extensive gallery of charts, this server now also provides dynamic icons, QR codes, and math formulas.

2. The Visualization API provides Interactive charts which are rendered on the browser using a Google developed JavaScript library. Interactive charts trigger events, providing tool-tips and animations. In addition to a rich gallery of charts, this tool can also read live data from a variety of data sources such as Oracle PL/SQL or Google spreadsheets.

We have discovered that developers occasionally need some help in navigating between the many options and distinct advantages of Image Charts and Interactive Charts, and therefore decided to bring the two APIs under one new framework which we call the "Google Chart Tools". We've accordingly renamed the APIs to Image Charts API and Interactive Charts API and created a simple side-by-side comparison page which you might find useful in choosing which chart tool is better for you.

Image Chart: Oceans of the world

Interactive Chart: Oceans of the world

We hope to meet you in person at Google I/O this May. In our Google Chart Tools I/O session we plan to present many of our new features including dynamic icons, which helped us plot our version of the recursive XKCD chart below:


  1. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

  2. Glad to see the interactive charts finally being shared with the rest of us, thanks!

  3. Thanks -- I've started using the charts & Visualization API and I wish I had the comparison page when I started. See you at IO

  4. Thanks, this makes life a lot easier for anyone wanting to display data.

    (On a side note, it would be even more awesome is if there was a way to stylize the graphics outputs to look like XKCD :) )

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  6. this is great, I like it, and will probably replace my js chart library with it

  7. You had to use a 3D bar chart for your XKCD version didn't you...

  8. What's the easiest way to use these tools NOT via the API? ie. Are there any web services out there that let me generate such charts without having to develop a programme myself that utilises the APIs?

  9. Sweet eye candy indeed! Google really is a Chocolate Factory :-)

  10. Cool, but 3d pie charts are the worst charts ever. Stop using them.

  11. this will replace pivot in microsoft

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  13. Google, Will you let other companies do something else? You are getting bigger and bigger, And your services is great, but, What if you kicked me out for ABUSING ... is that mean that i lost all my files on your services?

  14. for all your visualization needs!!

  15. I've been using this API for quite some time now. Why is getting announced only now?

  16. Is it possible to host the google apis on local servers. I know that google hosts them on their site but for enterprises you cannot rely on that.

  17. I have the pleasure to brief on our Data Visualization software "Trend Compass".

    TC is a new concept in viewing statistics and trends in an animated way by displaying 5 axis (X, Y, Time, Bubble size & Bubble color) instead of just the traditional X and Y axis. It could be used in analysis, research, presentation etc. In the banking sector, we have Deutsche Bank New York as our client.

    This a link on weather data :

    This is a bank link to compare Deposits, Withdrawals and numbers of Customers for different branches over time ( all in 1 Chart) :

    Misc Examples :

    This is a project we did with Princeton University on US unemployment :

    A 3 minutes video presentation of above by Professor Alan Krueger Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and currently Chief Economist at the US Treasury using Trend Compass :

    Latest financial links on the Central Bank of Egypt:

    I hope you could evaluate it and give me your comments. So many ideas are there.

    You can download a trial version. It has a feature to export EXE,PPS,HTML and AVI files. The most impressive is the AVI since you can record Audio/Video for the charts you create.

    All the best.

  18. Bravo chartserver team! Math teachers everywhere should rejoice.

    I don't think I am alone in needing a really good solution for writing formulas in HTML, and the new chartserver's TeX support is awesome.

    I have posted a formula editor utility here that uses chartserver to help you write out math-laden HTML quickly. It translates formulas between $ signs into chartserver tx images:

  19. Je viens de m'insscrire à google API je voudrais suivre l'avancement qui me permetra d'avancer dans mes fonstions.
    Mr CAZEAU Ronald

  20. Brilliant. I was wondering why there were two separate, but similar APIs available and feared Google didn't know what the other hand was doing.

    I'm really looking forward to using this!

    - Ben

  21. Just wrote a blog post about the new Google Chart Toools:

  22. heya,

    Looks very awesome.

    I'm curious, with some of those interactive charts, you can get a tooltip if you click on a point, but is it possible to get a tooltip with a hover? Didn't see it in the API - is it something that you think would be added?

    Also, once you click on a tooltip, the only way to close the box is to click on the "X", you can't click outside it. It's a fairly small target, I'm sure it's a bit funny from a usability perspective.


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