Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Enlist in BootCamp for Google I/O

This year, we're introducing I/O BootCamp, a new event happening the day before Google I/O. BootCamp is an opportunity for attendees to get a crash course in our major development platforms and tools before they head into Google I/O. BootCamp will feature introductory "101" content, hands-on lab sessions, and community-led discussions.

BootCamp is only available to those who are registered to attend Google I/O. Since space is limited, we ask that interested Google I/O attendees please register at our BootCamp site.

To register for Google I/O, please visit code.google.com/io.


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  3. I don't understand why notifications about Bootcamp were not sent out to the email addresses of people already registered for I/O 2010. I only found this through a search apparently after the fact, and could only add myself to the waitlist.
    Not cool.