Monday, March 15, 2010

Fireside chats at Google I/O

At Google I/O (just 2 months away!), we're excited to bring back a series of sessions called fireside chats. Fireside chats are smaller, intimate sessions where Google teams will talk about major developments with their product, what's in store for developers, and spend most of the time answering burning questions from the audience.

I/O will feature the following fireside chats:
  • Fireside chat with the Android team
    Speakers: The Android team with Chris DiBona moderating

    Pull up a chair and join the Android team at Google for a fireside chat. It's your opportunity to ask us about the platform and to tell us where you'd like to see it go in the future.

  • Fireside chat with Android handset manufacturers
    Come join us for a fireside chat with the top Android handset manufacturers. Hear about the types of devices being planned for 2010 and get your device-specific questions answered.

  • Fireside chat with the App Engine team
    Speakers: Brett Slatkin, Guido van Rossum, Matt Blain, Max Ross, Don Schwarz, Alfred Fuller, Kevin Gibbs, Sean Lynch
    It's been an busy year for the App Engine team with lots of new features and lots of new developers. Come tell us about what you've loved and what still bugs you. With several members of the App Engine team on deck, you'll get the answers to your questions straight from the source.

  • Fireside chat with the Google Chrome and Chrome OS teams
    Speakers: Ian Fette, Brian Rakowski, Linus Upson, Caesar Sengupta, Matt Papakipos

    Curious about what's new in Google Chrome, or what makes Google Chrome OS so exciting? We'll talk briefly about the major developments over the past year, and then field questions from the audience. If you're dying to know something, this is the place to find an answer.

  • Fireside chat with the Enterprise team
    Speakers: Chris Vander Mey, Scott McMullan, Ryan Boyd, David Glazer, Ken Lin

    With the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace, we've introduced a new way to expose your software to businesses - and a new way to extend Google Apps. If you're interested in building apps, what we're thinking about, or if you have other questions about the Marketplace, pull up a chair.

  • Fireside chat with the Geo team
    Speakers: Thor Mitchell, Peter Birch, Matt Holden, Ben Appleton, Bart Locanthi, Thatcher Ulrich

    Here's your opportunity to pick the brains of the people behind the Maps, Earth, and Maps Data APIs! We'll take a quick walk through the milestones of the last year, and then open it up to your questions. Don't miss your opportunity to get the straight scoop on all that's new in the world of Google Geo APIs.

  • Fireside chat with the GWT team
    Speakers: Bruce Johnson, Joel Webber, Ray Ryan, Amit Manjhi, Jaime Yap, Kathrin Probst, Eric Ayers

    If you're interested in what the GWT team has been up to since 2.0, here's your chance. We'll have several of the core engineers available to discuss the new features and frameworks in GWT, as well as to answer any questions that you might have.

  • Fireside chat with the Social Web team
    Speakers: David Glazer, DeWitt Clinton, John Panzer, Joseph Smarr, Sami Shalabi, Todd Jackson

    Social is quickly becoming an integral part of how we experience the web, and this is your chance to pick the brains of the people who are working on Buzz, the Buzz API and the underlying open protocols such as Activity Streams and OAuth which are an essential component of a truly open & social web.
You can check out the fireside chats and other sessions on The teams are looking forward to your questions!

Posted by Christine Tsai, Google I/O team

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