Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Integrate, Publish, Sell - The Google Apps Marketplace

The Google Apps Marketplace, announced this evening at Campfire One, allows you to publish applications which integrate with Google Apps and sell them to more than 2 million businesses. Listing your integrated cloud app on the Google Apps Marketplace enables it to have seamless OpenID-based single sign-on with Google Apps, OAuth-authorized access to Google Apps data and makes it easy for customers to access your application from Google Apps' universal navigation bar.

There are three simple steps for a Google Apps Marketplace application:
1) Have or create a cloud application and host it on the platform of your choice
2) Integrate your cloud app with Google Apps using available APIs
3) Create a manifest file describing your application and list it for sale on the Marketplace

The Google Apps Marketplace launched with more than 50 applications from companies like Intuit and Atlassian, with more coming soon from companies like NetSuite and SuccessFactors. We hope you'll join them by integrating with Google Apps and selling your applications on the Google Apps Marketplace to our more than 25 million users and 2 million businesses.

For more information on the Google Apps Marketplace, please see our post on the new Google Apps Developer blog. You can also dive into the details of how to sell your application in the Google Apps Marketplace by visiting our Developer Programs site and technical documentation. And if you'll be at Google I/O this year, you can learn first-hand from the team in the Google Apps sessions on May 19-20 in San Francisco.

Check out the Campfire One announcement on YouTube:


  1. well it's a nice move.I would love to buy some of those apps if I find them really useful. :-)

  2. Nice move, but the link to the sandbox is broken :-(

  3. Archive and Discovery is a broken link!


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