Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google Buzz buttons for your site

If you’ve thought about adding Google Buzz buttons to your site, but didn’t want to have to hack together something the way Mashable and TechCrunch did, you’re in luck. Starting today you can grab official Buzz buttons from buzz.google.com/stuff.

From there, you can do some basic customization of the buttons, including specifying the content that will be included when users post. When you configure the URL option for your button, we’ll use that URL to include a preview of the page based on its title and meta description tags. If you don’t specify a link, we’ll take our best guess by including the page on which you placed the button. Likewise, when you set up an image URL, we’ll add a thumbnail of that image to the post your users create. If you prefer to set up your buttons by hand, these options and more are also available through our JavaScript API -- for more details, check out our spec.


  1. The problem with "Follow on Buzz" is the same as one of the main problems with Google Buzz: Buzz accounts are linked directly to a Gmail account. This is a problem because I want people to follow my web site or business but not my personal email account, and I don't want to have to maintain a separate gmail account for each website or business just so I can buzz.

  2. Without enabling re-buzzing, this is not much help...

  3. Hi All,

    There is also "sign with Google" button. But I can't find it. Is there any an official sign with google button?