Monday, May 31, 2010

Coming soon: Videos from Google I/O 2010 sessions

If you missed any sessions at Google I/O, we’re happy to let you know that beginning tomorrow (Tuesday June 1), videos and slides from all I/O sessions will start going live on and the GoogleDevelopers YouTube channel.

We’ll be releasing videos by session track per the schedule below. We don’t have specific times to announce, but note that they’ll go live during PDT business hours:
  • Tues June 1: App Engine, GWT
  • Wed June 2: Enterprise, Android
  • Thurs June 3: Google Chrome, Social Web
  • Fri June 4: Tech Talks, Fireside Chats
  • Mon June 7: Geo, Google APIs, Google Wave
As each set of videos goes live, we’ll post updates on @googleio and Buzz. Thanks for your patience thus far. Stay tuned!

Posted by Christine Tsai, Google I/O Team


  1. will you be posting all the session tracks ?

  2. If you also want to experience the "full" Google I/O keynote experience, and watch the videos in synch with a replay of the Twitter backchannel, here's an example how for the Day 2 Android keynote:

    It's almost like watching in real time... ;-)

  3. Thanks I hope the full session of the Google TV keynote will finally be available.

  4. I can not wait for this amazing video's

  5. Will you be posting the Ignite? I really wanted to see it but had to go to another session.