Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Storage for Developers: A Preview

As developers and businesses move to the cloud, there’s a growing demand for core services such as storage that power cloud applications. Today we are introducing Google Storage for Developers, a RESTful cloud service built on Google’s storage and networking infrastructure.

Using this RESTful API, developers can easily connect their applications to fast, reliable storage replicated across several US data centers. The service offers multiple authentication methods, SSL support and convenient access controls for sharing with individuals and groups. It is highly scalable - supporting read-after-write data consistency, objects of hundreds of gigabytes in size per request, and a domain-scoped namespace. In addition, developers can manage their storage from a web-based interface and use GSUtil, an open-source command-line tool and library.

We are introducing Google Storage for Developers to a limited number of developers at this time. During the preview, each developer will receive up to 100GB of data storage and 300GB monthly bandwidth at no charge. To learn more and sign up for the waiting list, please visit our website.

We’ll be demoing the service at Google I/O in our session and in the Developer Sandbox. We’re looking forward to meeting those of you who are attending.

Posted by Jessie Jiang, Google Storage for Developers Team


  1. It is Christmas in May !

  2. It is great. We can't wait.

  3. Yeah, but why U.S. only??

  4. This is great! I've signed up, and I can't wait to play with it.

  5. more expensive than Amazon S3.

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  7. Couldn't load the signup form. Maybe too many people hitting it at the same time? It will be interesting to see how scalable Google docs is.

    Anyway, I hope someone can put me up on the waitlist.(my google account is Can't wait to play with it.


  8. Why the hell aren't you using AtomPub????

  9. I'm still waiting to get approved. Jessie Jiang? I'd be happy with 5GB storage, and whatever bandwidth you can spare.

    Maybe I'm not good enough for y'all. Or do not-very-capable developers like me just need to pay up? I understand if you want a few paying customers, but at least send a reply email saying "No free cloud storage for you, Ellie!" and don't keep me hanging and hoping. Plus I need Google Storage access to use one of your Google Labs Visualization apps. This is turning into a rant, sorry. Well, sort of.

    Guess I'll just go console myself with a bit of Many Faces Visualization over with the IBM folk. I was good enough for them....