Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HTML5 Rocks!

The term "HTML5" covers so many different topics that developers have a hard time getting up to speed on all of them. Some APIs and features are part of accepted standards, while some are still a work in progress. Additionally, there are a number of great resources out there, but most are still very hard to find. As announced on the chromium.org blog, Google is releasing a new developer resource dedicated to all that is HTML5, HTML5Rocks.com.

The site is broken up into four main sections:

Interactive Presentation
The presentation everyone is talking about! An interactive slide deck written entirely in HTML5 which demonstrates many of HTML5’s features. It even includes inline examples you can tinker with.

HTML5 Playground
The best way to learn this stuff is to try it out. The Playground is a sandbox area for editing and experimenting with live samples.

We're launching the site with an initial set of nine tutorials covering a bunch of different areas. We’ll continue to add more over time based on your input.

We've hand-picked some of our favorite tools, reference material, and sites; all generated by the online community. Do check them out. They’ll come in handy when developing your next web app.

We hope HTML5Rocks will help developers put HTML5 to use in the real world, today. We’d love to hear your thoughts on improving the site! Send us a tweet at @ChromiumDev or post to the Chromium HTML5 group with requests for content.


  1. The CSS transform associated with the "3" key seems to apply to all slides. Was a little confusing when I used the digit "3" to correct the invalid number field. Running 5.0.375.70 on Windows.

  2. The HTML5ROCKS site crashes both Chrome 5.0.375.70 beta and Chromium 6.0.417.0 (0) under Fedora 11 Linux

  3. I can't full screen the HTML5 video in Chrome 5. Is that a limitation of the browser or the tag?

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  5. The only reason people think HTML5 isn't that great is because the libraries are still being worked on. I'm currently contributing to a game framework called Akihabara and have videos on Youtube showing some of my contributions as I'm building them...


  6. It's really gorgeous, but in my environment(MAC 10.6.4, FireFox 3.6.4), when I try the 'worker' exmaple, firefox became no responding, and using a high rate CPU, will it be better if using Chrome?

  7. hey, i just stay here to communicate an error on orkut, the function "edit group" of friends don't work anymore!

    can you see what is wrong with it?

    thank you

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  10. HTML5 just so s*x! It adds 10³ superfluous tags and some farcical ones like canvas. It also confuses the parsing so that no browser will be compatible with the other one, and it abandons SGML and XML. There *are* a few good things, such as AT LAAAAST, MathML and SVG will be embeddable, 10 year due.

  11. Chromium 7.0.541.0 (61160) under Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit also crashes when viewing slides.html5rocks.com. Perhaps Chromium is still a little too beta for production use.

  12. Thank you for the post, Still have not had a chance to design and Develop in HTML5. Need to start using it more.

  13. http://www.msguy.com/2011/10/html-5-some-more-details-and-intro-to.html

  14. HTML 5 owns an amazing graphics power allowing us to create 2D and 3D animation with JavaScript.
    It's functionalities are being completed and is expected to be a great replacement for Flash, which is processor consuming and not SEO-friendly.