Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prediction API: Make smart apps even smarter

Since its announcement at Google I/O, the Google Prediction API has seen an outstanding response from the developer community. Developers participating in the Prediction API preview are already using it to identify spam, categorize news, and more.

Today we’re adding new features to the Prediction API to make your apps even smarter:

Multi-category prediction: Imagine you’re writing a news aggregator that suggests articles based on the kinds of stories the user has read before. Previously, using the Prediction API, each article could only be tagged with one label - the most pertinent one. For example, an article about a new truck might be labeled as “truck,” but not “roomy” or “quiet.” Now articles can be tagged with all of those labels, with the labels ranked by pertinence, enabling your app to make better recommendations.

Continuous Output: You’d like to create a wine recommendation app. Matching a wine to personal preferences is a tricky task, dependent on many factors, including origin, grape, age, growing environment, and flavor presence. Previously, your app could only label wine as “good,” “decent,” “bad,” or some other set of pre-defined values. Using the new continuous output option, your app can provide a fine-grained ranking of wines based on how well they fit the user’s preferences.

Mixed Inputs: You’re creating an automatic moderator for your blog. You could already classify incoming posts automatically based on comment text and the username of the poster (text inputs), but not the number of times they’ve posted before or the number of users that have liked their posts (numeric inputs). We’ve now added support for mixed inputs, so both numeric and text data can be incorporated in your moderation helper, greatly improving accuracy and letting you get back to making content rather than managing it.

Combining Continuous Output with Mixed Inputs: To further enhance your automatic moderator, you can use continuous output to set thresholds for automatic posting, automatic rejection and manual moderation, further reducing your workload.

You can get all the details about these and other new features on the Prediction API website. We are continuing to offer the Prediction API as a preview to a limited number of developers. There is no charge for using the service during the preview. To learn more and sign up for an invitation, please join the waitlist.


  1. I predict a riot

    - David King

  2. Interesting... I predict change.

  3. I predict an even better prediction.
    This idea is very interesting.

  4. Would love to see this make its way into apps like StumbleUpon

  5. Amazing! Thank you, I'll research on this :)

  6. lost in love, love in lust

  7. I have built a few prototypes that use thousands of categories and there are many many snags but they seem to be working out! Very excited!