Thursday, November 04, 2010

Introducing the Advocate Bios and Developer Events pages

We know that developers are always interested in learning about new APIs and best practices for existing ones. And, one of the best ways to learn is face to face interaction with an expert in the subject.

Your friendly neighborhood Google Developer Relations team members work everyday with the APIs you care about. We host, as well as attend, a number of events around the world to help as many developers as possible throughout the year. However, it hasn’t been easy for interested developers to find relevant events close to them.

We also realized that while many developers have met at least a couple of our Developer Advocates, it’s hard to tie an Advocate to their API expertise.

Enter the Advocate Bios and Developer Events pages.

The Advocates Bios page provides names, pictures and short descriptions of Developer Relations team members. You can filter them by what they work on and/or where they’re based out of.

The Developer Events page is a mashup of the Calendar and Maps APIs, running on an App Engine backend. Want to know about upcoming Android events in Prague? Or whether Patrick Chanezon is speaking at the GDD in Munich on Nov 9th? (He is!) You can do all of that and more with the Developer Events page.

Both the bios and the events pages are conveniently linked under the Developer Resources section on the Google Code home page.

We hope to see you at the events!


  1. Is there a reason why the developer events page is not reachable over ssl?

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    i'm having a problem with sign off
    at the sign off button chat box options are misplaced on that when i click on signout,online friends list is opening i couldnt logout of orkut
    is there an remedy for this plz do help me