Friday, December 17, 2010

New Shopping APIs and Deprecation of the Base API

We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the shopping family -- a simple yet powerful programmatic interface that enables retailers to upload their content to Google and query data from Google. The new Shopping APIs have two components: Content and Search. As part of this launch, we’re are also deprecating the Base API and replacing it with today’s new Shopping APIs.

The Content API for Shopping allows retailers to upload product data to Google for use in multiple places online like Google Product Search, Product Ads, Google Affiliate Network, Google Commerce Search, and Shopping Rich Snippets.

The Search API for Shopping makes it easy for our Google Commerce Search customers, Google Affiliate Network publishers, and developers to build innovative applications using product data.

The Shopping APIs replace the Base API
These new Shopping APIs replace the existing Google Base Data API for our content providers and search applications. We are deprecating the Base API and will fully retire it on June 1, 2011. For existing developers making the switch, we’ve provided a Migration Guide to help.

You can read more details about these announcements on the Google Merchant Center blog and our FAQ on Google Base Data API Deprecation.


  1. I am very glad with this announcement because I involved in the program at Google Affiliate Network as publisher. Happy to know about customers can easily reach their searched items using Google Commerce Search.

  2. If the base API goes away then where will the real estate data come from? How will I be able to update new listings, etc? In the FAQ it says real estate and jobs are not covered in the shopping API.

  3. @Tom Good question. I dont think real estate is going to be supported by any API now.

    I guess the recession has meant even Google has to cut services and be Froogle (or is that Frugal).

  4. So if I'm reading this right, Google is further expanding their content network through use of this API?

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