Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding success in the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store logoEven though the Chrome Web Store launched in the US just a few months ago, some developers are already seeing great results. From games to productivity apps, the store has helped all kinds of web applications grow.

Our friends from World Golf Tour, Sliderocket, Wikinvest, and Springpad share their experiences with the Chrome Web Store through five brand new case studies. While each of these developers has a unique view point, some common themes have surfaced:
  1. The Chrome Web Store can help you acquire more users really fast: For example for, users of the Chrome Web Store app account for more than 50% of the web site’s traffic.
  2. Chrome Web Store users are very engaged with apps: Springpad and Wikinvest report that Chrome app users spend up to 100% more time interacting with the app, than a typical visitor spends on their regular website.
  3. You can improve the monetization of your app through the Chrome Web Store: Premium apps like the World Golf Tour and Sliderocket report significantly higher conversion rates for Chrome app users than the rest of the user base and a growing percentage of business leads originating from the store respectively.
  4. Posting your app in the store requires relatively little effort: The app publishing process in the store is smooth and required little to no custom work for all the developers, profiled in the case studies.
If you are interested in publishing your app in the Chrome Web Store or learning more about how the Chrome Web Store can help your business, explore our developer documentation and join us in our developer forum.