Thursday, August 04, 2011

Prediction API: Tunable predictive models

By Travis Green, Product Manager

Over the last year, the Prediction API has given you more and more tools to make your apps smarter and teach them to adapt and learn. Today we're adding a frequently requested feature: the ability to adjust models to get better performance.

Historically, getting the right predictive model has required detailed knowledge of algorithmic behavior and experience with similar datasets, and a lot of guess-and-check. With the Prediction API, we ask you what behavior you want to see, and search across many algorithms to find the best-matching one.

How it works:
  1. Upload data to Google Storage for Developers.
  2. Ask the Prediction API to find a great predictive model.
  3. [new] Examine more detailed statistics about your model’s performance, including more training metadata and better accuracy statistics through a confusion matrix.
  4. Improve performance.
    1. Give your model more samples to learn from.
    2. Add in more information (see these samples).
    3. [new] Show the API what data is most important (categorical data only).

For those of you ready to get started, feel free to jump in through our newly updated code samples.

Travis Green's favorite part about his job is designing smart applications. In his spare time, he is in the great outdoors (looking for trouble).

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor


  1. What is going to happen to this with Google Labs going away? Google Storage for Developers is currently a Labs projects.

  2. Hello NiceRobot!

    Code Labs is distinct from Google Labs (as are Gmail Labs, Maps Labs, etc.). There are no plans to shut down Google Storage for Developers or the Prediction API.

    Happy Predicting!

  3. hi

    i want to place real time streaming stock market index quotes on my site.

    i think there is a way via google to do this

    do you have any example code i can upload to my site that works?


  4. Hi
    I get unauthorized error when I try to access my own storage account.
    Any help is appreciated.I am able to login fine with my auth token.

  5. Jagadish, You have to provide a valid credit card and enable Google Billing even though this service is free.