Thursday, August 25, 2011

Register now for New Game, the conference for HTML5 game developers

By Seth Ladd, Chrome Team

This post almost wasn’t written.

I’ve been a bit too busy playing and testing new browser-based games such as Monster Dash, Angry Birds, and the newly released SONAR. Bigger and better games are coming to the browser rapidly (and just wait until Native Client with 3D lands in Chrome), and it’s hard to keep up with the technology and scene. So what better way to bring everyone together to share stories and keep up to date than to hold a conference dedicated to HTML5 game development?

New Game, the first North American conference for HTML5 game developers, is now open for registration. You are invited to join hundreds of HTML5 game developers for two days of technical sessions and case studies from developers and publishers who brought their games to the open web platform. The event will take place November 1-2, 2011 at the beautiful Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA.

This year, New Game looks at what is possible in the browser today. Sessions will focus on the technologies that have elevated the browser-based gaming experience, such as WebGL, Canvas, and JavaScript performance techniques. In addition, the conference will feature sessions exploring and analyzing lessons-learned from recent HTML5 game launches.

New Game is honored to have Rich Hilleman, EA’s Chief Creative Officer, keynote the event. The schedule also includes sessions from Mozilla, Spil, Opera, Google, Bocoup, GameSalad, Moblyng, and others. After the first day, we’ll network with our colleagues and share high scores at the New Game party, open to all registered attendees.

For more information on New Game, including session and speaker details, please visit and follow @newgameconf for the latest news. Google, the premier sponsor, and conference director Bocoup invite you to take advantage of early bird registration pricing, available for a limited time.

The future of gaming is in your browser, so I’ll see you at New Game! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get back to my SONAR tab.

Seth Ladd is a Developer Advocate with the Chrome Team. Seth focuses on browser-based games as a sneaky way to play games at work. He realizes his manager might be reading this, in which case he focuses on cyber-synergizing e-paradigms.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor


  1. é um evento que oferece a oportunidade de se atualizar sobre produtos do Google, além de conhecer ...

  2. We'd love to be there with Isogenic, but im guessing we'll have plenty of html5 centric conferences in Europe the next few months, things are really gearing up for html5 games to be the next big thing :)

    If you want, check it out: its probably the fastest isometric / 2d canvas engine out there.

  3. é um evento que oferece a oportunidade de se atualizar sobre produtos do Google, além de conhecer .

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  5. After OnGamestart it would be great for me to attend... if someone would be so kind to sponsor my flightticket :)