Friday, December 09, 2011

Fridaygram: graphing functions, telescope milestone, baby scientists

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By Scott Knaster, Google Code Blog Editor

You might already know that Google Search makes a handy calculator. Just type any calculation into a Google search box, and the answer is computed for you. Earlier this week, we added an even cooler, more powerful feature. Now, when you type a function, you’ll see it graphed.

As you can see in this image, you can graph more than one function at a time by separating them with commas. Once the graph is drawn, you can zoom and pan to see the sections and details you want. And the Google colors are a nice touch.

In other calculation-related news this week, the Hubble Space Telescope counted to 10,000. That’s the number of published scientific papers based on data gathered from Hubble. Although the telescope was launched back in 1990, it’s said to be in great shape and is taking great pictures, thanks largely to frequent service missions by astronauts. That should inspire you to change the oil in your car.

Finally, here’s one especially for you babies out there, and for those who know or are related to babies. The Nerdy Baby coloring book for very young scientists looks like a great way to nudge very small kids toward a proper nerdy upbringing. And when you’re not coloring, you can spend some time this weekend coming up with cool functions to graph on Google Search.

Fridaygram posts are just for fun. They're designed for your Friday afternoon and weekend enjoyment. Each Fridaygram item must pass only one test: it has to be interesting to us nerds (sometimes including nerdy babies).


  1. i think it will be useful an option to print the graph or something like that.

  2. Wow, I'm a math teacher: this is awesome! One extra suggestion... It would be good to be able to plot circles etc also - e.g. x^2 + y^2 = 5 ... (which does not begin with "y=")

  3. The graphing calculator is really great!

    Any plans to make it into an API so it can be easily included in other webapps? (it would make a great addition to the Google Chart Tools!)

  4. Wow, "tout simplement" brilliant !!!