Friday, December 16, 2011

Introducing AdSense Management Services in Google Apps Script

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By Silvano Luciani, Developer Programs Engineer, AdSense API Team

Starting today, the AdSense Management API is available as part of AdSense Services in Google Apps Script. This means that you’ll be able to automate your AdSense reporting across Google products using a JavaScript cloud scripting language to do things like:
  • Create AdSense performance reports for your AdSense accounts in a Google spreadsheet.
  • Create a chart based on your AdSense reporting data and display it in a Google spreadsheet.
  • Embed your scripts in a Google Sites page, for instance to import a chart.
  • Use triggers to schedule the execution of your scripts, for instance to periodically update the chart imported in the Google Sites page.
spreadsheet with embedded chart

You can start using the service by checking out the reference documentation, which also contains some sample scripts, and by reading this tutorial, which implements the use cases mentioned above.

Based in London, Silvano Luciani joined Google in 2011 to make the AdSense API developers happier people. Before that, he has worked in Finland, Italy, Spain and the UK, writing web based configuration management tools for ISPs, social networks, web based training materials, e-commerce apps and more. He has recently discovered that he loves charts, and has finally started to play the drums in the London’s office music room. If you can call what he does "playing the drums".

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