Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Join us for the first ever G|Tanzania and G|Ethiopia

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By Melina Mattos, Program Manager, Google Africa

Cross-posted from the Google Africa Blog

2011 was a busy year for the Google Africa team. The g|Day developer and business conference visited Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Angola in 2011, expanding from 5 countries in 2010 and from 2 in 2009. Over the year, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers have explored innovative technologies to get online and to serve their business needs. Developers and webmasters have had an in-depth look at Android, Chrome, App Engine, Maps, Webmaster Tools, and more.

While we are excited about all the activity growing in the local communities, we are always looking for opportunities to engage with new communities of developers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are as passionate about technology as we are. Therefore, we are excited to kick off the 2012 G-Day roadshow with G-Tanzania and G-Ethiopia.

G-Tanzania will be held on February 2nd and 3rd at Mlimani City Conference Center in Dar es Salaam, followed by G-Ethiopia on February 7th and 8th at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center in Addis Ababa.

Registration is now open for these free events. Space is limited so be sure to register as soon as possible for G-Tanzania and G-Ethiopia to improve the chances of your application being accepted. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Melina Mattos is a Program Manager for the Sub-Saharan Africa Outreach team. When she's not busy working with developer and business communities in Africa, she's either exploring the great outdoors, sitting on a plane, or playing with her camera.

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  1. Thats great but am in Kenya, dont think I will make it since am currently a student at JKUAT and I cant afford air ticket to Tanzania please update me on how the conference goes on at allanmukhwnana@gmail.com

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