Monday, January 07, 2008

ChartMaker: A tool for the Google Chart API

Since we launched the Google Chart API last month we've been thrilled to see so many creative tools written to use it. From Ruby, to Python, to Groovy, it looks like languages are being covered one by one.

Even our own Dion Almaer stepped into the fray with his new ChartMaker tool. ChartMaker, the source code for which is available on Google Code, is an Ajax-based application that makes it easy to experiment with and customize Google Charts.

Have you been building something interesting with the Google Chart API? Please let us know in the comments and join us in the discussion group.


  1. A PHP class was released to

  2. Many thanks to everyone working on libraries and tools for the Google Chart API!

    Here are some more links (eg. for PHP, Perl, C# libraries):

  3. I put together a small open-source tool that works strictly with html and javascript to help construct the url:

    It's still a work in progress, but useable.

  4. I've put together a very simple flash widget, to allow school students to generate the code for basic charts. The 'add img tag' is to allow them to import their charts directly into google earth placemarks so they can display survey and other data

    Temporary demo here
    Zip file of swf etc. here
    kml demo

  5. hi there,
    i really enjoyed preparing my chart's using an open source charting component visifire and guss what it is powered by silverlight.chk out and start charting.

  6. What sets my class apart from the others out there is it will automatically scale and label the y-axis for bar and line charts. I didn't try to do everything the chart widget does, incorporating just the features that I was going to use.