Thursday, January 03, 2008

Google Developer Courses on YouTube

Wow, it's been nearly 4 months since we started the Google Developers channel on YouTube! We wanted a place to post talks, announcements, interviews, and anything else that might interest outside developers (and other fans). Now, we're building out more tutorial / lecture content -- something that hobbyists and seasoned programmers can watch to get their feet wet with our products.

We know that one of your New Year's resolutions must be to learn a new API, so check out our first videos on Gadgets and Google Data:

Three videos about Getting Started with Gadgets by "the Dans" (Daniel Lee and Daniel Holevoet):

An Introduction to Google Data by Jeff Fisher:

We're just getting started, so subscribe to the Google Developer Courses playlist for updates. There are many ways for you to keep up to date:

You can subscribe through YouTube by clicking the "Subscribe" link here:

Or, add the playlist directly into Google Reader or iGoogle:
Add to Google

Finally, you can also put the Google Data feed into your reader of choice:

Let us know what you think! If there are any particular tutorials you'd like to see, post a comment below.


  1. Any hope of getting a download link for those time when an Internet connection isn't available? Thank you for making the videos available.

  2. How about making these videos (and really, youtube channels in general) downloadable as video podcasts. I'd love to be able to monitor them as feeds in iTunes and sync them straight to my iPhone for viewing anytime, anywhere...

  3. Very good points. We are looking at making all of our video content available via podcasts. Expect to see a much better video experience in 2008!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and give us feedback.


    Dion Almaer
    Google Developer Programs

  4. Hi james looked your comment install Webaroo client2.0 available on very soon we have provided firecache plugin for firefox which will automatically add video in your system,no needed any download link.


  5. I'm getting this odd error trying to view the second video. Where it says.. This video is no longer available. That's not cool.