Monday, July 19, 2010

New Google Buzz API features, including a hose of fire

Since we introduced the Google Buzz API at Google I/O, we’ve been working hard to make it better, broader, and more useful. Today we're introducing several new features that are the direct result of your feedback.

We're launching the Google Buzz firehose — our top developer feature request. With the firehose, all public activities are available as they are published with a single subscription, thanks to syndication via PubSubHubbub.

We’ve had some fun coming up with cool things to do with the firehose. For example, Bob Aman coded up Buzz Mood, an App Engine app inspired by Twistori. By scanning for posts that contain certain keywords, Bob’s able to give us a sense for the mood across all of Google Buzz in real time. Definitely take a look at the the source to get ideas for your own apps!

For more inspiration, also check out our firehose launch partners. Integrating with the firehose today are Collecta, Gnip, OneRiot, Postrank Analytics, and Superfeedr’s Track.

We’re making these new API features available starting today:
  • Comments by the user - This feed consists of the activities the user has commented on.
  • Likes by the user - The activities the user has liked are in this feed.
  • Shared counts - This will return the number of times a specified URL has been shared across Google Buzz.
All of these features are documented in much more detail on the Google Buzz API documentation site and can be discussed on the Developer Forum. We will continue to innovate and iterate the Buzz API and encourage you to check out the new features and let us know what you think.


  1. Nice design on the buttons! It's good to see some new shapes and colors. OneRiot was a good choice for inclusion because of it's scope.

    I'm really excited about Mr. Aman's Buzz Mood. That kind of application is more what I had in mind when I first heard the term "sentiment analysis". Thank you, Mr. Panzer and Google Buzz team!

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  3. Nice! Only thing missing is the posters name that would link to their profile but nevertheless, good job!

    Michelle Marie™

  4. Kinda disappointed there's no simple one-liner to demonstrate usage (even if it's a oacurl one-liner). Searches on "firehose" and "stream" on the links given came up empty. Would be nice to see clean differential docs on firehose / streaming API.



  5. great news for all developers & bloggers

  6. That is great, but i think Google is a little late to the party

  7. Did you guys fix the "delete" in the Buzz API ?

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