Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make money with In-App Payments for the Web

By Amit Fulay, Product Manager

Cross-posted from the Google Commerce Blog.

At the Google I/O conference back in May, Vikas Gupta introduced a preview of the Google In-App Payments API during the Chrome keynote speech. Google In-App Payments purchases were demonstrated as a simple click right within a web app, so buyers could enjoy a developer’s content, without interruption.

Today, we’re making Google In-App Payments available for all web application developers to integrate with their web apps wherever they’re hosted, including the Chrome Web Store. Integration is simple with just a few lines of code. And pricing is set at just 5-percent.

In-App Payments is initially available for developers with a United States bank account and for buyers in more than 140 countries. We look forward to expanding to additional developer locations as quickly as possible.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor


  1. Google Checkout has been available *only* for US merchants for so long that it's getting annoying now. You know the rest of the world exists right?

    *When* can you launch Checkout in India?

  2. I agree with Yesudeep,

    it is a pain that the Googlegods never seem to google for GoogleServices in not GoogleGrounds ...

    means i want to use features like that too and i KNOW in Germany, where i reside, IS a higher potential for buying-in-while-using than in the US at the moment.


    Thanks for reading.

    Claudius Raphael Paeth, A3lyphe

  3. Oh... tell me when it is available in Hong Kong. :(